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bad coco
January 7th, 2019, 05:26 PM
Some important changes with respect of air ambulance service on the Rubicon Trail and other areas in California and Nevada.

There have been several important changes that need to be brought up and discussed so that all users can ensure they are properly protected while out on the trail. While this thread is addressed primarily to Rubithon participants, it pertains to all of us that have been protected by AMCN and previously CalStar.

Unlike in years past, AMCN will no longer allow us to collect your information and send your payment in with our group. You will soon see the new Chairman has adjusted the Premier Registration to account for this. Each household now has to submit and make payment on their own. We will however still be entitled to the Rubithon Group discount. The discount code for Rubithon is 11148 and the rate is $65 for the entire household vs the non-member price of $85.

Another big change is that AMCN and Care Flight are no longer reciprocal partners. This came to our attention after one of our Rubithon members was flown out from another event and Care Flight was the transporting helicopter. Luckily for him, his personal health insurance paid for nearly all of this, but not all of us are that fortunate! There is no way to ensure which air ambulance comes. Itís a matter of which aircraft is closest and available.

I have been in contact with Care Flight and they have set up a Rubithon Group as well. The group price for the household air ambulance plan is $30 vs. their normal price of $55. The coverage is different than that of AMCN. With the Care Flight plan, they will bill the insurance first and then cover the remainder. If you do not have health care coverage, they only give you a 20% discount on the medical flight.

To sign up for the AMCN plan, you can wait until you sign up for Rubithon and the application will be emailed to you as a PDF, or if you need it sooner, you can email Eric Agee at firemedic@wildblue.net and he will get it to you.

To sign up for the Care Flight plan, they are working on getting us a PDF that we can email to you, but for now go to: https://remsa.formstack.com/forms/membershipform

Under the membership plan select the middle one that says Care Flight Plan. Donít worry that it says $55.

Enter your personal information and household memberís info.

At the bottom, in the comments section, it is very important that you type in you are a member of the group Rubithon.

When you go to pay for the plan, ONLY PAY $30. Care Flight will not refund you if you forget, but will allow you to pay another $5 and will cover you for 2 years if you make a mistake.

While I am no longer the Chairman of Rubithon, I will be handling issues as they relate to our partnerships with these two agencies. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at firemedic@wildblue.net or give me a call at 530-401-0800.

Looking forward to seeing everyone out on the trail this year!

bad coco
January 10th, 2019, 04:31 PM
This is copied from a reply on the original Rubithon post on the issue from a good friend. No names for privacy.

“On a Side Note to Care Flight/REMSA:
Care Flight �� Cost Me $27,000 for a ‘Quicky’ With (NO DISCOUNT afforded For Years Of Supplying PATIENTs & Personal Family GREAT Insurance Coverage) to Renown Regional Medical Center from @CVMC NV!”