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Thread: Dodge Dakota Front Suspension Squeak

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    Dodge Dakota Front Suspension Squeak

    Im helping a friend work on his 99 Dakota and were stumped. Every time he drive over a bump the truck make a loud squeaking sound. I laid under the truck and had him jump in the bed and the sound seems to be coming from under the cab. When you pull or push on the torsion bars when under the truck the it makes the noise. Is it possible that the torsion bars are to blame? Ive heard that these trucks had problems with the sway bar end links making noise but the sound seems to be coming from further back in the truck. Thoughts?

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    Oil/grease the bars maybe? If they have rubber or poly mounts, they're probably a bit dried out and could be the root cause.
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    I have a 99 it isnt squeaking but it sure has a good thump from time to time
    could be the boulders 93FSB hit
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    My 2001 did this Pro 1 automotive said it was common. They greased the contact spots for the bars and it went away.
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