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Thread: Cutting firewood?

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    Cutting firewood?

    We've been thinking of going out and cutting our own firewood for camping. What is involved? Permit fee? Where can we cut? Restrictions? Growing up with a wood furnace in Minnesota we paid private land owners to cut firewood on thier land. How does it work out here?
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    If you want to cut on the Humboldt Toiyabe (dog Valley, hawkins fire area, hope valley) just go to the Sparks (Franklin and Greg) or Carson office and get a permit. It is $15 a cord and 2 cord min/6cord max. Just make sure to read all the rules on the back of the permit and comply with them. Also since we are in fire restrictions right now you can only cut before 1pm. NV energy just cut down a whole bunch of trees along the powerlines in Dog Valley so there are plenty of easy to get down trees but they are green so you probably have to wait to burn it till next year. Also the permit only allows you to cut down a standing 100% dead tree (no green needles) under 24". The powerline stuff is already cut so it is OK to buck that stuff up even though it is green, but it is already down.

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