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Thread: Throttle return spring bracket? Edelbrock 1406 and SBC

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    Throttle return spring bracket? Edelbrock 1406 and SBC

    I just put an Edelbrok 1406 on my SBC. I have a TH350 trans. So I hook up the throttle cable, fine...hook up the Kickdown cable, fine...there is no place to put the throttle return springs.

    Edelbrock indicates it goes on the bottom where the kickdown cable goes, but there is really no place for it there, i tried hooking it over the kickdown cable but it interferes with the
    choke opening all the way (and probably will interfere with the kickdown cable at some point).

    Looks like I will have to run it from the front, on top opposite the throttle cable. Now I need to find a suitable bracket.

    Do I need to use one of the Tall SBC brackets that bolts to the front two drivers side bolts on the intake manifold?

    Thanks for any advice.

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    I ran the same set up on a '76 Monte Carlo and ran the spring to the rear. It's been a long time, so I don't remember exactly what I did, but I THINK I just tweeked the bracket a bit to get it all to clear. It did look like the spring and kickdown were close, but they didn't interfere. I don't remember the choke being an issue though.

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    Last I looked the SBC factory spring hooked onto the bottom and ran back to a bracket that bolted to the intake behind the carb. When I did mine, I re-used the factory bracket and it bolted right on. If that doesn't work, I think Kragen has an aftermarket chrome bracket and spring that might work for you.
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