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Thread: Help Protect OHV Assets - Share Your Photos and Stories

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    Help Protect OHV Assets - Share Your Photos and Stories

    Do you have photos of your favorite off-road family outing? Gary Lambert, a member of the Nevada Commission on Off-Highway Vehicles, represents OHV owners, users and OHV racing, and is requesting your photos, travel stories and more in an effort to locate and protect your recreational assets. Read Gary's letter of request here:

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    I will repond to this Email , and I hope all of you guys will as well!

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    Very interesting. Not only do they want to tax us! Now you want us to give up our trials? Please inform us on why I would want my trails that are for the most part difficult and not used by novice riders? Fastest way I know to have a trail shut down, is by idiots being idiots. Feeling very pissed off at the hole nvohv.
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