NFL Pick 'Em Pool is back. Last year I made it a $5 fee to play, money goes into a pot for weekly and overall winners. It turned out to be awesome and I'd like to get even more people to play this year. If you're a football fan or just really lucky and think you can pick a winner, you should play. Only $5 to play, easy to play, and fun!

How does it work? NFL Pick ĎEm is simple game and fun to play. Itís like playing a parlay card at a casino (minus the point spread). The goal is to pick (guess) the winner for every NFL game every week. The players with the highest score (highest number of correct picks) at the end of the 17 week season will split the pot (final amounts TBD based on number of people that play).

You donít really have to know anything about football to play. Itís more of a guessing game. But it will give you reason to root for every a winner in every game which makes football more fun. The only catch is you have to guess your pick before that game starts and thereís games every week starting this Thursday until the end of the calendar year. Itís only $5 to play. Itís easy to play, and fun!

First game is this Thursday night, and go from there. To join, click the link below, use the password: Reno4x4 and you can bring me the league dues. Please forward to anyone that you know that may be interested. This game is open to any that want to play. The more the merrier.

Please PM me if you join the league so I can give payment details.