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Thread: California, Nevada and Massachusetts legalize recreational marijuana

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    Quote Originally Posted by ogilybogil View Post
    As others have said, tax payers and working people foot the bill for all your bad decisions that lead to hospitalization. Whether indirectly though insurance premiums or directly through tax money and government insurance.

    Riding a motorcycle without a helmet, not wearing a seat belt, shooting up meth or heroin, all come out of tax payer dollars when simple safety measures would have saved hundreds of thousands.

    The benefit to society and individuals for not having to clean up brains off the sidewalk because a helmet was inconvenient is why we need laws. It is important to see the whole picture and understand that even though your not hurting somebody directly you may not be fulfilling your obligations as a contributing member of society.
    If they're that bad off society will be paying for them no matter what. I say let them do whatever they want, at least I have a better chance of Darwinism kicking in and not having to pay for them as long.
    Quote Originally Posted by Shawn Trooper View Post
    haha If I have wood for more than 4 hours due to Viagra I am not calling there hot line. I am calling that woman's sisters, cousins, friends & quite possibly her mother.
    Quote Originally Posted by 89jeepcpl View Post
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