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Thread: 22re/w56/dual-cases

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    Going to a v8 in my rig so I am selling my stock drivetrain. Would be sweet if I could sell it as a package deal, if not tell me what you want and I'll part it out if no one jumps on the package deal.

    It's all coming out of a 1988 toyota xtracab with 155xxx on the clock. Truck was a rock crawler and was used as so. Fluids and filters always changed twice a year even though I hardly put any miles on the truck. Truck has no front axle, so you can't drive it, but Everything is still in the truck and functions as it should, come hear it start up and run if you want.

    -22re engine: runs great, comes with all engine wiring and all engine accessories and trail gear "bomb proof" engine mounts. Has a factory AC compressor unit as well. has a small oil leak down front of block, has never been an issue for me. When I bought the truck 4-5 years ago I was told it was a rebuilt engine no paperwork or anything to back it up, so selling as a strong running 22re with 155xxx miles.

    -w56 5 speed manual trans. Shifts through all gears seamlessly, works great. Clutch has plenty of life left, but Comes with a relatively new clutch master cylinder as well as an OEM replacement clutch set and flywheel and shifter/boot/tunnel cover

    -toyota dual cases, Marlin adapter, stock gears in both. Toyota 4 bolt output flanges front and rear, trail gear crossmember/skid with all mounting hardware and shifters/boots/tunnel covers. Leaks a little gear oil, Could use new output seals.

    I also have a complete stock power steering setup, pump, ifs box, lines, toyoda reservoir.

    Call or text with questions and to make me an offer.



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    Text sent about transmission. Coming from a Kansas number.

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