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Thread: Shout out to Core 4x4

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    Shout out to Core 4x4

    I'm sorry in advance if this is the wrong place to post this.

    I want to give a big shout out to Core 4x4. They're a small company in Utah that primarily makes control arms. I ordered a full set of front arms from them a while back ago and they were very, very helpful and friendly. I called earlier this week to ask them a question about the arms but they didn't pick up. I tried again the same day and again the next day. I never left a message but planned on trying again later. Not more than two minutes after I hung up, they called me back and apologized for being busy but recognized the 775 number since I called several times and thought it was urgent - it wasn't but I certainly appreciated the effort. Who does that? Some of you might think it is strange but to me, that's stellar customer service. I can't review them without commenting on the arms - they are built well and installed easily. I haven't beat the piss out of them yet so I can't comment on durability but they do the job so far.

    I felt obligated to post this since I know they're small and could probably use a bit of free advertising. I don't normally do this kind of thing but they've made a good name for themselves, at least in my book, and I hope some of you that are in the market for Jeep short arms will check them out.

    No, I don't work for them nor am I trying to shamelessly promote a friend's company. I just thought that a small business that most of you probably don't know about deserved a little recognition.

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    Holy thread resurection Batman.

    I sell Core 4x4 control arms. They are beefy as hell and Spence is fantastic. He prides himself on building only quality products and providing customer service above and beyond what most companies will give you. This is why I sell his products.

    Great to hear a shout out for a deserving company and .

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