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Thread: Doggo watcher over Thanksgiving

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    Doggo watcher over Thanksgiving

    Hi all,

    Grandma's not doing so well, so I need to head to PHX for Thanksgiving. Even with a month notice, every place in town that boards dogs is filled :\

    Anyone interested in watching Oliver and Lexus from Wednesday the 22nd and I'll pick them up late Sunday the 26th or Monday the 27th?

    Oliver is a 12lb mini dachschund and Lexus is about a 50lb Shepard / lab / husky mix.

    Both have all their shots and are in good health. They get along well with other dogs if they've been introduced, and both are well housebroken.

    Ollie's not super comfortable around small children, as he can get snippy if they pull or poke at him. Larger kids and adults are fine.

    I'll pay you of course!

    Let me know if you can help out

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    I might be able to watch them.
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