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Thread: Jumbo Grade trip report

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    Jumbo Grade trip report

    So the last thing I saw posted about Jumbo grade with that it had taken a beating with last winters runoff. I knew by now it should have been smoothed out and lines around the ugly stuff have formed. So we packed up a lunch and headed out to find out. As expected the few eroded spots were smoothed out and one had a bypass. At the top where Jumbo meets Ophir, we headed North, on up Jumbo to Mt. Davidson. On top of Mt.Davidson is a flag pole. Beside the names of the guys that built and placed it is as stamp that reads "Gold Hill Foundry 1878". There's quite a view from there. You look directly down on Virginia city and can see Reno, Washoe valley, Carson, Carson Valley,Gardnerville, Dayton, and Stagecoach. More on a really clear day. From there we headed over towards McClellan peak. From Washoe valley you can see a road that runs across the mountain on the East side. We chose to take that road. Its narrow and has two places that are steep enough to pucker a newbie good. Narrow, steep roads are always fun in the Scout, but this trip we were in the Bus, my F-350 crew cab. Always a relaxing day off-road.

    Its just a road with a few rocks, keep driving!

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    Thanks for the report!

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    Those steep spots are really steep! Havent been up there in a few years.

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    Sweet trip.
    Only wheeled Kia Sorento in Nevada on 31's.

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    That steep service road follows the VC water pipeline. Very historic and not for those with vertigo. Greg, did you see Dave’s massive beam array on duck hill? Impressive.
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    Went up today for the first time ever. Wet and muddy with some fun stream crossing near the trailhead, but drove up and over with no real issues. Fun morning

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