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Thread: Vortex, Griffin Sights, HSPrecision DBM

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    Vortex, Griffin Sights, HSPrecision DBM

    I have a few items up for sale.

    First, a Vortex Viper HS 2.5-10 with the V-plex reticle. It has Vortex front and rear flip up caps and a Vortex throw level. This is a lightly used scope in excellent condition with some extras and the original box. SOLD

    Next, two sets of Griffin Armament M2 deployment kits. These are super compact and low profile back up iron sights. They are able to be mounted straight up or at a 45 degree angle to either side. Great set up with tons of options. They are $175 plus shipping from Griffin, $120.

    Last, detachable bottom metal set up from HS Precision, itís the newer Gen II design. This was on my 260, but I changed stocks and went to a different DBM system for that stock. This DBM dropped right in to my HS stock with no fitting at all. Itís for short action (308 based cartridges). Remington 700 pattern rifles. This would be $420 from HSP, $200.

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