I recently swapped to an NV4500 so this is up for sale.

I beleive it has around 230,000 miles on it but bought it in a chassis/drivetrain without a cab some years back, so I base that off what I was told.

Less than 500 miles ago I pulled the trans and put 300$ worth of new bearings seals and a new input in it from Zumbrota. I did not press apart the main shaft to replace synchros and that was a mistake. I was having some slow shifting issues that I thought were related to my new dual disc SB but those issues persisted, so it needs synchros but the bearings and input are practically brand new. Gears all looked great when I was inside.

It did have a rebuild tag so at some point someone was in it, but its had weird shifting issues since I bought it. It does shift though and I had been driving it around for several years like that.

I think 800$ is fair, including bellhousing and 2 shift stubs. Located in Reno