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Thread: Seeking tips and advice for front end bushing replacement

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    Seeking tips and advice for front end bushing replacement

    I would like to replace the front end A-arm bushings on my Pro Comp lifted 1998 Suburban. I have only done something like this once before, 20 years ago on my '66 El Camino. It actually looks a lot easier on the Suburban; no coil spring!

    I'm pretty sure those are still the original factory bushings in there. The feels rubbery every time I hit a bump.

    Can anyone give me any advice about doing this job? Looks pretty straightforward, but I'm wondering if there are any surprises I need to watch for. Should I only do one A-arm at a time, so something is always supporting the axle?

    I'd like to use replacement bushings from AC Delco. How can I find the part numbers? Are there complete replacement kits?

    Where in Reno should I get the old bushings pressed out and the new ones pressed in?

    Thanks for any replies.
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    You need to send a pm to Locrwln. He might have some goodies that would fit. Not sure, his was an 07 classic duramax.
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    Just some tips: Take good pictures of that upper arm front and rear of where the cam bolt adjusters are set and make sure to put it back the same when you put it together. You will want to have an alignment done either way after all the parts are changed. In my experience with our GM's you could buy the whole arm with bushings already installed and make it another 100k or more miles before ever worrying about it again if the joints are lubed and not put at any extreme angles with a lift. I've seen some ball joints for the a-arms that were super sloppy and I wouldn't trust. Summit racing had great pricing on the ones we bought for our 2004 2500HD trucks at work.
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