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Thread: Gladiator/Rhino front Grille/bucket seats/35's

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    Gladiator/Rhino front Grille/bucket seats/35's

    I have a radiator support and Gladiator grille w Pie Pans, headlight buckets, and trim rings.

    The radiator support/front sheet metal has been restored without Bondo, then sandblasted and powder coated black to install.

    I will not sell individually/break up the grille pieces, however the radiator support would be seperate if desired.

    Also I have for sale front seats out of a Chevy Malibu that are in great shape. The pics make em look like crap somehow and stained but it's the light or angle or something cause they are perfect.

    The tires are my old 35's probably 10 percent tread left. They hold air and aren't cracked up. Maybe make a spare or to get you by till you can afford new tires if you're in a bad way.

    Grille complete $200.00
    Radiator support $100.00
    Seats as a set $40.00
    All 4 tires as a set $150.00

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