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Thread: Hello from Spanish Springs

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    Hello from Spanish Springs

    I'm Jared. Been in the area for just under a year. Escaped the shackles of California communism lol. Avsolutely love it out here.

    I drive a 2007 Silverado Classic Body 1500HD. 6 inch Superlift on 33's. Dont do anything crazy in it. Cruise some trails to get to my favorite shooting spots. Been throwing around the idea of buying a Jeep and enjoying the rougher trails.

    I also have a 04 silverado 2wd that i daily drive and a 1990 CHP mustang that sits in my garage and driven occasionally.

    Other than that I love guns and wrenching when I'm not too tired from doing it for a living.

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    welcome to the forum man.
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    Welcome, to a free state. Although if Nevadans don't get out and vote this will soon be the next california.

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