Hi, I'm brand new in Reno and brand new on the Forum....

My '97 TJ (2.5L/5 speed - 85k miles) is showing low (about 10psi) oil pressure at idle. At 3000rpm it still only shows 20psi. I know the 2.5L TJ has been known to show low oil pressure from a bad sending unit or an oil pump going bad. I also have a problem with the A/C. The Jeep is relatively new to me and the PO said there is a leak at the Schrader valve. Finally this Jeep has some surface rust on the frame with some small areas of flaking inside the frame. I am looking for a reference for a shop(s) that can address these problems:

- Troubleshoot/repair the low oil pressure indication (if I need a new pump would like to source a high volume pump for the install if the shop would allow)

- Fix the described Schrader valve leak and recharge the A/C

- Arrest the rust (surface outside/small areas of flaking inside) and treat frame

Thanks in advance for all of your help....looking forward to getting the Jeep out on the local trails....glad I found this site