LP D30 out of 96 ZJ
-Will bolt up to a few kinds of Jeeps. 3.73 gears, CV axle shafts, U joint yoke drilled out to 5/16.
-no brakes
-ABS compatible, wires cut with enough lead to wire it in
-all components are fine as far as I know
-no leaks

I'm not sure if the gears are from the HP30 I just swapped in or from the 8.8. I didn't notice until just now that I didn't verify which is which (thought I had two sets). It looks like the HP30 gears but I'll check tonight. In any case, the HP30 gears should be 3.55. The little baggy looks to have ring gear bolts in it. I also have a factory D30 cover if anyone wants it.

-3.55 and down D30 carrier
-8.8 gasket

Name a price for the loose parts. I'll let the axle go for $100 (flexible) They're $200 at pick and pull. I'd really like to get this stuff cleared out soon, I want my garage back.