Smith & Wesson Model 442 38 Special No Lock
Purchased new in 2018. Was used for a CCW permit class and then returned to S&W under warranty for a new barrel because of excessive barrel-to-cylinder gap. Now, this firearm is in excellent condition and has been thoroughly checked by S&W Quality Assurance not once, but twice. This J-frame revolver is better-than-new. It has not been modified by stoning any of the action or fitting lighter springs -- assuring that it will have a very positive mainspring strike on all brand primers and that the trigger return spring will give fast and reliable trigger resets. The double-action trigger is hard and very smooth, just the way experts like it.


A valid Nevada ID, CCW Permit and a signed bill of sale will be required for this transaction.

I am in Gardnerville, Nevada. Contact me via PM first.