I'm not an Electrician, I want to put a 100 amp sub box in my garage directly adjacent to the main power box for the house that is located to the outside wall of the garage, then run 3 or 4 circuits off of the sub panel, I have the box breakers & outlets & I can run the circuits from the sub box, two 50amps (Welders, Air Comp, AC, & a just gifted to me UVB tanning bed for my Psoriasis) the Tanning bed uses 4 prongs, hot, hot , neutral , ground So at this point I need 3-4 feet of the heavy duty wire (I was told 2,2,2,3) ?? from the main box thru the wall to the sub box.
Also would help tp have a licensed electrician to look everything over to make sure I'm doing it right.

Who can help me out??

Darren Y.