1985 Toyota Formula toyota



1985 formula four toyota hendrix chassis

More Details

1985 formula toyota. 22re dual cases with 4:10 longfeild output shaft. 5:29 v6 diffs ARB front dstroit rear. Longfeild axles front and rear. Full hydro steering in front. 6 shooter nuckles. Trunion bearing eliminators. Studless hub eleminators. 38" falcon tires on bead locks. 3 link front 4 link rear. 2.0 air shocks. Front winch


  • Frame: Toyota
  • Rear Axle: Toyota
  • Rear Suspension: Trail gear 4 link
  • Front Suspension: Trail gear 3 link
  • Brakes: Toyota
  • Wheels and Tires: 38" falcons bead locks
  • Chassis Other: Hendix formula four
  • Chassis Work: Lots


  • Engine Size: 22re
  • Block: 22re


  • Paint Color: Black and green