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Thread: Amateur Radio and CB FAQ's

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    Amateur Radio and CB FAQ's

    Welcome to the frequently ask questions section of the Amateur Radio and CB forum Some questions come up on a fairly regular basis in this forum. In order to retain the information previously discussed and add new information to those discussions the following is a categorized list of links to threads which cover some of the more common topics.
    * FCC Rules
    * Radios - review and advice* Antenna - Homebrew design and product suggestions/reviews* Testing - locations dates and study guides* Ham Shack - instruments, power supplies etc.* Vendors - local and internet suppliers* Other resources - links to other web sites* CB - Just CB stuff* Antenna Myths Pentnrdx

    This thread will be locked to prevent it becoming cluttered. If you have suggested additions to this thread or just suggestions in general about it's organization just PM me.
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