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Thread: Take the Washoe County Shooting Range Survey

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    Take the Washoe County Shooting Range Survey

    Washoe County is totally re-working the Master Plan for the County Range, and is encouraging the input of range users here:

    I attended the Master Plan meeting last Thursday night in Reno, and I was impressed with some of the ideas. The #1 concern among survey takers was the range's days and hours of operation. Also discussed and proposed :

    • LEOs will no longer train at that range, it appears. They may be going to Fernley for their quals. (I don't quite get this)
    • Military/Guard units will continue to use range for their regular qualifications
    • The PPC range will be demolished and re-formed for other purposes
    • Main range to be extended in both directions
    • Parking lot to be paved
    • Drink and food machines installed in central location
    • Shaded rest areas installed in several places - maybe one for each sub-range
    • Overnight camping to be allowed for weekend events (Cowboy shooters, and others.)
    • Small bore rifle range removed altogether - not enough interest now to warrant its existence
    • IPSC bays to be re-located and rebuilt (with even more bays) on the West side, next to the 500 meter silhouette range
    • Trap/Skeet area added in southeast or southwest corner of facility
    • Possible archery range
    • 1,000 yard range left intact and set up with large berms so as not to conflict with other ranges.
    • Many more berms installed so as to allow simultaneous use of ALL ranges
    • Volunteer workers may be accepted to help with range operations
    • Hooters girls to be hired to sell cold beer and chicken wings to range users in rest areas

    (OK, I made up the part about the Hooter girls -they'll only be selling lemonade and chicken wings. )

    All in all, it was a positive meeting. I am very hopeful that this new, new Master Plan will help transform the Range into a far better facility that more people can use.

    Don't think for a minute that this will be done overnight- it make take a few years.
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    The plans sound great I hope they put a little money into the archery range the current one sucks. As for LEO training, we have our own range across from the jail it might be swat has a place out there to do more training like with old trailers and motorhomes on block. that way they can train in a real type enviroment oh well let them have their fun while we are asked to volunteers our time to help build this one I say hello chain gang

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    Thanks for the link!
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    Took the survey.
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