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Thread: Vote this November...

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    Vote this November...

    I don't agree with Sandoval almost 50% of the time lately and was beginning to question my support but he has been on our side on this issue; so far.

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    It doesn't take a lot to see that this measure is less about crime than it is about attacking gun owners.

    If they want to attack an issue that kills a ton of Nevadan's every year, they should look at banning tired, stoned or drunk people from driving and pour millions of tax dollars toward arresting those gross offenders.

    O'h.... Wait... They already do that... I guess we should ban cars. Then nobody could ever get hurt by one, ever again. Of course, that ban would only apply to the poor people, not the rich, or the politicians, since they NEED vehicles to travel to their very important meetings on how to fleece us from our money and sell out our State to Corporate interests...

    I can hear it now.. If it saves just one child's life, we should all be happy to take the tennis shoe express or alternative travel everywhere we go. I mean, just how long could it extend the trip from Elko to Reno anyway...
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    No politician has a problem with gun owners.
    They see more votes in taking the side against them then taking the side with them.

    100% about the votes.
    0% about the guns.

    Same goes for:
    Gay rights
    Social programs
    School funding

    They just pander to the group they feel will get them in and keep them in office.

    It is not personal for them.

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    Pretty much agree. They're just really kinky whores we pay to nail us in the backside. But I disagree on there being no agenda. Without guns there is a blatantly lopsided playing field. That is why Sam Colt called them the great equalizer. And if you are in control by some advantage (wealth, position, law) you don't want that advantage equalized.

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