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Thread: Going to Lipo

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    Going to Lipo

    So i want to go to a Lipo set up and i have no idea where to start/ i have been running a split pack but i want to get a longer run time out of my rig.

    what would i need besides the batteries? and what kind of lipos should i get.

    i know that i will need a new speed control... what kind is the best and best for the money?

    i have heard of battery cut offs do i need one? again what kind should i get?

    i have also heard of "smart chargers" for the lipo's do i need one? what kind should i get?

    Anything else that i forgot that i should get?


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    okay i'll give you the 101 on lipos. i personally LOVE them!! i would never go back to nickel

    i use turnigy batteries, most people run 2s (7.2 volts 8.4 charged) but i run 3s (11.1 volts, 12.6 when fully charged)
    i like the extra power when i need it!!
    here's where i order my batteries, you wont find them cheaper any where else these are the 3s ones
    i bought 2 5000mah 3s and 2 3000 mahs 3s about a year ago and ive never had a problem with them!! they work and charge perfect

    ESC wise i use a Tekin FXR in cralwer and i bought it almost 2 years ago!!!! and it still works perfect tell this day!!! i love it. it was like $80 bucks but worth it for not having 1 problem over 2 years
    for my Short course truck and my rally car i use a Castle Creation SV2 and SV3 and them work perfect too!! they were about $65

    all 3 of my rc cars and run off of turnigy batteries i listed earlierbut ESC wise you have to make sure that it can handle what ever power you want to run, you get what you pay for. i went big and it paid off in the end
    some ESC are rated at 8.4 volts so that means it can handle a 2s lipo like my ESC that are rated at 12.6 volts they can handle a 3s battery.

    then theres lipo cut off! lipos are not like nickels. YOU CAN NOT run them all the way down tell theyre out of juice. if the voltage drops too low they wont pick up a charge and the lipo it pretty much ruined. so 3s lipos have 3 battery cells in it. each cell reads about 4.20 when charged and all 3 cells read 12.6 volts. i don't like my cells to drop below 3.25 volts because then it starts getting sketchy and the battery might start acting funny when charging it
    when i'm driving my truck i'll be going and out of no where it just cuts off. basically thats the ESC telling me that my battery is getting low. thats where the lipo cut off comes from. its really important to have that set up right
    it's get annoying when you accidently kill a lipo driving it too far down, but if you take care of the lipo it can last years

    charger wise you need a charger that can charge lipos. i use a Duratrax ONXY 235, works great. tells me all the things i wanna know and then some with it's little screen. do not charge a lipo on a nickel charger. bad things will happen
    when you get the charger make sure you setup it for that lipo you have. like how many mahs and voltsd your battery is

    something you forgot was a Balancer! that balances the cells in the battery so that when youre charging the battery it doesnt over charge on cell and under charge the others. i had a lipo read once
    cell 1 - 4.89v
    cell 2 - 3.26v
    cell 3 - 3.15v
    see the cells arent even

    when charged you want those cells to read like this
    cell 1 - 4.20v
    cell 2 - 4.20v
    cell 3 - 4.20v
    all nice and even
    some chagers have a built balancer, but i like using my external one.
    this is the one i use and i love it. the balancer plugs into the little white plugin on the battery and it does it thing

    if you have any questions let me know
    sorry about the long reply
    lipos are a little more work but worth it. theyre pretty simple, keep them balanced and charged all the time and you should be just fine
    don't let them sit around not charged up becuase they volts could drop after a while and never pick up a charge

    a had a 5000mah 3s and i used and didn't charge it up after i used and let it sit in my truck for less then a week and i went to go get it and it was all puff up and fat and the cells read like #1-0.00 #2-2.32 #3-3.01
    it wouldnt pick up a charge and it just felt sketchy so i threw it out

    so the number 1 rule is keep charged and balanced



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