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Thread: EAS (Emerency Alert System) ham network INFORMATION ONLY!!!

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    Exclamation EAS (Emerency Alert System) ham network INFORMATION ONLY!!!



    As of now, EAS messages can be heard on the following repeater systems.
    Reno Ham Club
    440.550Mhz - McClellan peak
    442.550Mhz - Down town Reno
    145.210Mhz - McClellan peak (linked to the UHF network on weekends only)

    Northern Nevada Repeater Group NN7RG
    145.270Mhz - McClellan peak
    440.300Mhz - North West Reno

    The EAS messages are transmitted from the call KC7STW and originate from NOAA, and a network of radio and television stations, cable television operators that is available 24/7 to local, state and federal officials to inform the public of a pending emergency, disaster or crises.

    This network is available at no charge because broadcasters and cable operators have paid for the equipment, its maintenance and the testing process to ensure its readiness. No taxpayer monies are used in the construction or maintenance of the Emergency Alert System. Instead, broadcasters buy their own equipment, maintain the network, train their staff in its use and donate the airtime for regular tests of the system. The Federal Communications Commission set up a national framework for EAS, but each state is allowed to build its own plan tailored to local needs.

    The Nevada EAS Plan provides state and local government officials, as well as law enforcement and public safety officials, specific information on how to issue EAS activations and access local radio, television and cable TV facilities to provide information, instructions and assistance to the public in a time of crisis. The Nevada EAS Plan also includes the Nevada AMBER Alert Plan which allows local law enforcement agencies to use the EAS to broadcast information about abducted, endangered children.

    I will update the repeaters and or simplex frequency's as they are added into the EAS ham network.

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