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Thread: Any strength athletes here?

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    Up until earlier this year I was getting back into it (after a long hiatus). I've bulged 2 discs L4/L5, I don't think weightlifting was the cause I'm pretty sure just years of abuse as I wasn't lifting all the much, figured I was smart lifting pretty light as I get back into it. I've been laid up trying to resolve this since step will be surgery if the last nerve block and P.T. doesn't fix it.

    Point is... take care of your back folks.. I would strongly recommend at the first sign of any problems, see a specialist. In my case it started with what I thought was simply overworked muscles in my lower back. Felt like typical DOMS, but lasted waay too long. I woke up one morning in February and couldn't stand/walk for more than 15/20 seconds due to the pain in my legs (pain in lower back gone). Felt like pressure building in my calves, very scary stuff there. And typical idiot that I am, I took a while to actually figure it's time for the doctor... and then at that it took about a month to actually get to a specialist and a proper diagnosis.

    Really sucks being sidelined at 45..hope to be back to 100% as soon as possible.. but this is a slow process.

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    I totally understand where you are coming from. My dad has had his organs burst inside him, broken his back, replaced both of his knees and one of his shoulders. He is a big proponent of me getting stronger and in good shape. He has always been in better shape than most and claims that is key to surviving what life throws at you. Every time I post anything about my lifting, my dad is the first one to say "slow and steady, dont get hurt." He is glad however that I am working out with such high caliber lifters. If I was with a bunch of bro's he would freak out about my lifting more.

    I hope you have a speedy recover and regain your quality of life. God bless!
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