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Thread: Polaris Predator 90.. need Help

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    Polaris Predator 90.. need Help

    OK.. kids quad wont start.. 99 percent sure its a carb issue.. as before winter it would run great with the choke fully on.. now nothing.

    Is there anyone willing to barter their services for ammo to get my kids quad up and running.. 9mm.. 556.. 30-06.. Single dad of three going through a rough divorce and really want my boys quad up and running.

    Located in Gardnerville.


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    I have had this problem before. It could be as simple as draining the bad gas out of the carb and filling it with good gas.

    Make sure you have good gas in the tank. (drain it if needed and refill it. You can drain it by taking the hose from the tank to the carb off and putting it into a container and then turning the gas on. Grab a sammich and come back when it is done)

    At the bottom of the carb is a drain valve. Normally a Phillips screw with a hose below it. Drain all of the gas from the carb and run a little fresh gas through as well from the tank..

    It could be that simple. (works 60% of the time for me when I have not run all of the gas out of the carb before storing it) or you may need to clean the jets and carb more thoroughly.

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    Pull the carb. Take it apart and clean all the jets. I use old guitar strings and 2500 grit sand paper to get the gunk off the brass. Spray everything inside and out with carb cleaner. Then blow compressed air through ever little hole you can. Put her back together, it should run like a champ. Actually pretty easy, takes more time to take the carb on and off then to take it apart and clean it
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    Ill get ya taken care of.

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