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    Square Trade

    I purchased my Note 3 about 13.5 months ago. I didnt want to pay for insurance through the carrier but with the high cost of the phone I still wanted insurance.

    I ended up buying an extended warranty of 2 years from Square Trade for $100, far less than half the cost of insurance through the carrier. Also unlike the typical carrier insurance there is no deductible. My friend is having problems with his Galaxy 5 and with insurance his carrier wants to charge him $300 to replace it.

    Anyhow my phone took a dump, of course 1.5 months after the manufacture warranty ran out. According to square trade my phone is "beyond repair" and they're going to send me a check. Check is actually a little less then $100 below what I paid for the phone, but I'm still way ahead of what I would be paying be paying with carrier insurance.

    They warranty just about any type of device, I have my TV insured through them. My friend who told me about them has had good experience with them as well. So if you paid a lot for your phone but dont want to pay the high cost and deductible of carrier insurance give them a try.

    EDIT : You must purchase the warranty within 3 weeks of purchasing the device (I think)
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