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Thread: mobil radio options

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    mobil radio options

    Im interested what everyone is running in their rigs. I need to upgrade from only having handy talkies. Iv got a few beofengs and a submersible Yaesu which i really like but i dont know if i want to fork over 300$ for the ft7900 Yeasu when im planning to put it in 3 of my vehicles. Has anyone used the Btech mini, Radiodity, Luition, or Talkcoop?

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    I helped a guy with one of those Btech mini's . He hooked up the mic to his helmet backwards, and fried it. Remember the saying, you get what you pay for. There are several options with ham radios. I like kenwood. I have the 65 watt kenwood single band.
    Doing public safety radios for 17 years, i've seen some really crappy import radios, and some that aren't so bad. But i've always had good radios from the name brands.

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