People are pushing further and further through the snow banks on Hunter Lake Rd! On my way up I stopped at Dutch Louie Flat first. People are driving into the meadow again, but not at the south end where the logs got torn up during last year's fire (still a lot torn up on the south side though). They are accessing on the N side. You'll see the tracks and a "recovery" strap in the middle. Looks like some side by side tracks. I know Hills Angels have adopted that road and put up the meadow barrier, but I've never had my account confirmed by them so I can't post (as far as i can figure out) on their forum. Please stay out of the Meadows wherever you are. It's my understanding that the forest service has threatened to close the spur road into Dutch Louie in the past.?

Also, found fresh bear tracks up there so keep a close eye on your dogs and try not to leave you vehicle too long with any food or trash that would entice the hungry spring bears.
I made it as far as the North facing section that runs across the headwaters of Alum creek at approx 7,200'. just past that part, a large tree has fallen across the road. So, a winch and/or chainsaw to clear it will be required. looks like someone already tried with a hand saw.

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