Hello everyone,

Let me first say, thank you for your help.

I have a 07 Jeep Grand Cherokee with the Mercedes diesel. It sounded like a good idea when I bought it but I've had nothing but problems with it. So far, I've been able to fix them myself but now I need to take it in.

I know this is a bit of a specialty item but it's also the same engine that is in the sprinter van. Does anyone have any recommendations on shops that are good, reliable and trustworthy?

Right now I have two problems one is a MAF check engine light. I've done what I know how to do. The other is a turbo issue. When it spools up it sounds like it is dumping all the air under the hood. I've checked hoses and all of that. Thinking maybe something with the waste gate. When I try to drive it I get the red lightning bolt that limits my driveability.

Thanks for you help,