Kegerator built inside of a barrel.

Everything you need is included, CO2 tank, all lines (I'd clean the main line though, its been sitting), regulator, 2 kegs, etc. This is a complete custom build, essentially a mini fridge is disassembled and reassembled inside the barrel.

IT ONLY FITS SHORT KEGS. It WILL NOT fit a full size keg. It WILL NOT fit a tall skinny 5 craft keg or soda keg. It WILL fit a short 5 gal, or a short 7.75 gal "pony keg."

Included are 2 kegs that fit, a 5 gal and a 7.75 gal. This is perfect if you brew your own beer as you can keg it yourself, or you can take the kegs to breweries and have them filled, and some breweries already have kegs this small.

$300. Located in Reno.

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